Kira Michele – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar & Songwriter

Welcome to my website!
I am a 19 year old singer, songwriter and guitarist from Tacoma Washington. I started playing guitar when I was 7 and writing when I was 11. During my childhood, I went through a lot of traumatic events and emotional stress where I started living with anxiety, major depression and PTSD. I was bullied a lot in school and I never could seem to fit in and get people to like me. I had a split family, not just including my mom and dad, but my aunts and uncles and grandparents were always fighting so I never grew up with a stable family. Out of all of that I felt like I had no control of my life and I had no control over my emotions, and whenever I wanted to vent, I felt like I never knew how to speak, and didn’t know anyone that I trusted enough to talk to.

The only way I felt like I could survive from these situations, was to play guitar, sing and write songs and so I did. Every single day no matter how bad my day went, I ALWAYS ended up picking the guitar up and the pen and wrote down lyrics about my feelings, and after a while I realized that I had total control over every single part of the song I was creating. I live and thrive on music and if I didn’t have it, I probably wouldn’t be here because of how unstable I was. Music gives me life.


Billy Shew – Guitar & Backing Vocals

Billy Shew is one of the top guitarists around. He can hold his own against the best! If you mixed Joe Banamasa with Brad Paisley you would get Billy Shew. Billy hosts weekly Thursday night jam sessions for top blues artists in the area as well as maintaining full working schedules with multiple bands. His playing style as well as his vocals compliment the other members and Kira Micheles songs so well that he pretty much begged to be her guitar player! When not touring or gigging Billy is also an NRA fire arms instructor! That’s pretty awesome!




Dana Brown – Bass & Backing Vocals

Dana is truly the guy that can do it all. He is considered by his peers to be one of the most talented and musical bassists around, but he is also equally at home playing drums, keyboards, singing lead vocals, or co fronting a casino show band, or running sound for a 10,000 seat event. Danas’ role with Kira Michele is as a bassist and backing vocalist. Dana and drummer Josh Woodman have been playing together professionally for 12 years and have the kind of locked in pocket that only seasoned players have.





Josh Woodman – Drums & Backing Vocals

Josh Woodman is a first call drummer for several high end recording studios in Washington State. Mixing his Hard Rock and Heavy Metal roots with his passion for funk/fusion and dance grooves. Josh began playing drums at age 4 and has been a professional drummer since the age of 19  (that’s almost 27 years!) when he started playing in local high end club bands long before he was even old enough to be in a bar!

Josh is also an accomplished vocalist with a high tenor range and often comes out from behind the kit to front and sing several songs with his Top 40 Casino band, Notorious 253. With Kira Michele, Josh handles pretty much all of the higher backing vocal parts as his voice blends exceptionally well with Kira’s voice.

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